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WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are NOT the Best CMS

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are NOT the Best CMS

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Limited thumbnails when posting to Facebook via HootSuite

I used to have problems when posting to Facebook via HootSuite. HootSuite offered me bad or very few thumbnails images. I found 2 particular solutions.

Use meta property og:image tag

HootSuite uses Facebook API and if you post to HootSuite, this API starts to crawl your site for images. However, this algorithm is not as sophisticated as the algorithm used on Facebook itself.

It helps if you use meta property og:image tags. All images mentioned in og:image will be offered to be posted as a thumbnail. It makes sense to use even more og:tags as is showed on the image below.


If you use WordPress, the easiest way is to install Yoast SEO plugin (or similar) that will automatically label all images in <img> tag with appropriate og:image tag. Of course, you can set default image in a code (e. g. the logo of your page) or you can set og:image for a particular page.

Use Google+ first

Google+ uses different algorithm for crawling images. Moreover, Google+ do not allow „No thumbnail“ option. You can use it.

  1. Create a post for Google+ and insert a link.
  2. Choose an image.
  3. Add Facebook page
  4. Remove Google+ page
  5. and post!

Using this method is a must if you are trying to share a content from other sites where you cannot use own og:image tag.

Problems with thumbnails when using ow.ly

Usually this problem may be solved by two methods mentioned so far. However, sometimes using ow.ly may cause that images do not load. In most cases work :Google+ method, simple reload of the page or a creation of a new shorten link.

Nonetheless, if you try to use ow.ly to share Facebook Group, Page or Event, I was not able to find suitable solution and I need to post Facebook-created links without shortening.

Hope this tutorial will help you to use HootSuite better. If you have any question, ask me @blazekmichal on Twitter.

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My listening betrayed me, Toastmasters saved me!

Recently I’ve been studying at VIA Summer School in Denmark (watch a blog). We were asked to create elevator pitch. I’ve created elevator pitch focused on my business. I had precise PowerPoint presentation, big surprise for investors (= classroom) and prepared call to action. Everything was carefully timed to fit 3 minutes.

The time came and I jumped to the stage. Started connecting my laptop to the projector… “Michael, elevator pitch is without computer!” OK, I wasn’t listening the instruction day before and I had to change my presentation dramatically in few seconds. Got an idea and started speaking without presentation based on the ad-hoc structure. As I was observing the audience, everybody seems to be interested. “Michael 10 minutes remain” “What?” Second listening fault: I thought I have 3 minutes not 90 seconds. Not only I was forced to change my presentation to Table Topic (kind of short improvized speech), but I had to finish it in 10 – 20 seconds.

According to audience, it was a good performance. However, for me it was a fault because I forgot that listening is as important as speaking (or even more important). Thank you for this lesson!


Like Bohemian Toastmasters FB page to receive speaking tips from professionals for free!

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Toastmasters vs. Professional Speaking Association

I returned from Manchester 3 weeks ago and I’d like to share with you my experience from PSA meeting in Manchester. We do things differently! This is a semi-official motto of Manchester. Indeed, in Manchester you may meet girls with skirt if there is 0 °C outside, you can chat with nice people from ‘Madchester era’ and you can visit a football match of Manchester United – football is not a game, it is a religion! Similarly, you can visit a meeting of Manchester Orators, local TM club.

Well, Orators are a great place with vibrant atmosphere full of fun and enthusiasm, likewise most TM clubs. However, in the UK, Toastmasters are not the ultimate choice for every speaker. Manchester Orators jointly with Professional Speaking Association (PSA) organized a showcase to provide members of both organizations with unique opportunity to compare pros and cons of both organisations. Moreover, members of TM were invited to join the PSA Manchester meeting the following week for free.

I was full of expectations before the showcase. Firstly, I will summarize the differences to TM. TM is a place where everybody regardless current presentation skills may improve his/her communication skills through various projects, impromptu speeches and meeting roles. On the other hand, PSA connects professional speakers who make their living by public speaking. Newbie in PSA is called Associate and he/she later may become a member. As a member he/she may use PSA logo on website or publications. Needless to say, that PSA logo is very valuable piece of promotion. Consequently, most PSA members are more advanced speakers than most Toastmasters are. This was an outcome that I took home from the TM/PSA showcase.

Next week, I visited PSA meeting in Marriot Hotel in Manchester. Yep, the atmosphere of the place was outstanding. Friendly networking was taking place in the foyer in front of a conference room. This networking lasted about 1 hour so that participants may introduce their businesses and exchange valuable contacts. ‘Meeting starts in 5 minutes!’

To boost the atmosphere everybody had to say something brief and interesting about himself. This was really a kicking start!

First speaker on the stage was Clive Wilson who introduced some basics of quantum physics (really!!) and used this introduction for the explanation of energy flows during the speech. He provided us with some great tips and tricks how to energize our audience. In PSA there is no limit for a speech – traditionally, speech lasts 20 – 40 minutes. Next speech was delivered by Steve Houghton-Burnett who talked about gratitude. However, Steve was a man as I am. I would like to be grateful, but how may I be grateful if the things go wrong? What bullshit to write a list of things I am grateful. Steve adviced us a great solution how not to be a Gratitude Junkie. And last speech that I loved the most was given by Andy Lopata who is a networking expert and he also wrote a book that was published by Financial Times.

It was really great meeting and valuable experience. I think TM and PSA are not substitutes but complements. TM is mainly focused on improving presentantion skills. On the other hand PSA is more focused on networking and personal branding. When being in the UK, don’t forget to visit PSA meeting!

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