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Online Marketing Challenge Course at European Summer School

I am gonna be a tutor of Online Marketing Challenge course at European Summer School in August. And trust me, this course will be a challenge.

Play the teaser:

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In just two weeks we are gonna dive into PPC marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing. 

I will also explain you basics of Search Engine Optimization and webdesign. And of course, we are gonna use complex web analytics – because how can do any marketing without precise analytics?

Don’t worry. This course would not be other bulshit full of talking. Online Marketing Challenge course will be based on real companies marketing with real data and you will be improving their marketing and working with real money. Afterwards we are gonna measure the results of our promotion.


As I already said, this course will be a challenge. Challenge that you’re gonna love. See you in Croatia!

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